Enhance Your Bathroom With a Trendy Shower Installation

Order a gridscape shower enclosure in Jacksonville, Nassau County, Atlantic Beach & Fernandina Beach, FL

If you want to upgrade your bathroom, consider going with a gridscape shower enclosure. This unique type of enclosure is one of the leading trends in interior design. We can customize gridscape enclosures to fit any bathroom.

Look to us for custom gridscape shower enclosures in Jacksonville, Atlantic Beach, Palm Valley & Fernandina Beach, FL and the surrounding areas. Contact Tempered Custom Shower Glass Installations LLC today to arrange for service.

Swing & Sliding Glass Shower Door Enclosures

When you order a gridscape enclosure from us, you'll have several options to choose from. You can customize every part of your enclosure, including the style. You can choose between hinged, folding or sliding glass shower doors.

Whether you want a sliding glass shower door or a swing door, you can trust our glass specialist to install a gridscape enclosure that exceeds your needs. Call 904-870-4253 now to schedule your installation.